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Cari to the Dee!

America's Seventh Top Model.

Cari to the Dee: America's. Next. Top. Model.
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♥ It's all about Caridee English - THE finalist & stone winner of CW's hit TV series, 'America's Next Top Model' - Cycle 7.

Founder/Moderator: Pauline [plmirage, Honeyonfiya@yahoo.com]
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Community Rules:
1. Be Civil. Be decent. Be open-minded.
2. Do not take up too much space with pointless, repetitive, one-liner entries.
3. Harsh, personal insults amongst members and CariDee are not acceptable.
4. Spamming, of any kind, is not tolerated.
5. Please credit sources appropriately.
6. Have fun, be creative, and enjoy your stay!

About CariDee:
Through her struggles and her positive attitude, CariDee has truly served as a role model to us by proving that we can be genuine, decent, sweet, and fun while reaching for our dreams at the same time. Cari, you rock our socks!

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